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Located in Central Indiana, we provide full service live stream and video production services here at Livestream Connection. We can cater to all your online video marketing needs and live streaming productions. Livestream Connection creates and produces content for a diverse range of clientele including businesses, organizations, and nonprofits. Here at Livestream Connection, we understand the importance of your brand and the messaging behind it.

Whether it's a recruiting video to build your team, training videos to enhance knowledge or documentary-style videos to communicate your story, Livestream Connection has the capability of bringing your vision to life. We exist to connect people through the power of video.

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why live stream video?

In the 21st Century and the era after COVID, the world is all about connecting in new ways.

Social media and video calling services have taken over the world around us. Now, Live Streaming is doing just the same. In 2019 alone, over 1.1 billion hours of livestream were watched by internet users*. That number is expected to tremendously grow in 2020 & continue to grow thereafter.

At Livestream Connection, our goal is to use Live Streaming to bring you closer to your employees, customers, family or friends.  Whether you’re separated for health reasons or living hundreds of miles away. No more will the distance or time stop the world from connecting.

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why video production?

Video marketing is more important today than it ever has been before.

Video production is more important today than it ever has been before. We live in the era of distracted consumers, meaning that consumers’ attention spans are shrinking and videos are now an expected component of any website. Here at Livestream Connection, we are dedicated to creating a memorable brand value for you.

Videos make it easier for consumers to understand and retain the information you are trying to communicate. So, whether you would like to promote a product, service, blog, website, or even your personal brand, we will help keep your audience members engaged. Whatever the task may be, Livestream Connection has the capability of bringing your vision to life.

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